Monday, August 11, 2014

Hello Kitty Sandwich Ball ( Cafe at Home ) ❤ by Song Sweet Song

I got this sandwich ball tutorial from @cancan_ku mama~ Thank you so much for sharing this❤

Inside my Kitty ball is butter cream, it's not completely round as yours mama but this's all I can do 😂😂😂

Yesterday I went to Hello Kitty Cafe which just opened last week at Siam Square One. OMG there're too many people!!! For the table you have to wait for 3 hrs 😭 I gave up and decided to do some kitty sweets myself - Cafe at Home 555 - 
and see you again Thailand hello kitty cafe, I really want to get inside your lovely shop!!! 

#คิตตี้คาเฟ่คนเยอะเกินทนไหว เห็นแถวแล้วจะเป็นลม หญิงขอทำทานเองที่บ้านไปพลางๆจนกว่าคิวจะน้อยลงกว่านี้ละกันครัช 555

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